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You MUST provide your legal name EXACTLY as it appears on the official government issued photo identification that you will present as proof of identification on the date of the bar examination!

When you take the bar examination, the only acceptable form of photo identification is a U.S. driver's license, a passport or other U.S. government issued photo identification.

 If the name that you provide below does NOT exactly match the name on your government issued photo identification, you will NOT be permitted entry into the bar examination.

If your name should change after creating this account, it is your responsibility to timely submit appropriate written proof of the name change before exam seat tickets are issued (no later than June 1st for a July exam and January 1st for a February exam). After seat tickets are issued, the Board will NOT consider name change requests and you will NOT be permitted to sit for the exam.

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Enter your name exactly as it appears on your U.S. drivers’ license, U.S. government issued photo identification or passport.
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